Teeth Alignment (Braces)

Teeth Alignment Braces

Smile is the first exression which connects people. Having a beautiful smile boosts one’s self confidence and empowers them. Malaligned teeth may be either due to hereditary or poor dental health. Any malaligned teeth can be treated by different techniques , when intercepted at the correct stage.

Orthodontic Brackets

Regular Orthodontic braces are made up of metal & are reliable. These are fixed by the dental professional on the outer surfaces of the teeth. The only drawback of these is unaesthetic smile.

Lingual Orthodontics

These are Orthodontic brackets fixed on the the inner side of teeth. i.e.lingual side. This makes the brackets invisible when ones smiles.


Invisalign / Clear Path uses custom made clear aligner to correct the teeth. It has perfect esthetic advantage. Patient can remove them from mouth at any time which needs effective patient coorperation.

Surgical Correction

The surgical procedure is needed and effective when there is moderate/severe discrepancy of the jaw bone coupled with malaligned teeth. This is done under general anaesthesia by the dental professional after thorough evaluation.

So don’t panic!! If you have malaligned teeth. It can be corrected with above procedures at any phase meeting your demands.


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