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Root Canal Therapy

The Root canal treatment (RCT) is generally done to save the badly infected, severely injured, cracked teeth and to get relief from severe excruciating pain. When the decay infecting the tooth reaches pulpal tissue (the soft inner tissue inside a tooth’s root canal /nerve tissue), then Root canal (RCT)is the treatment of choice. In the root canal therpy the dentist removes the infected pulpal tissue & fills with a sealant material like Gutta percha. If it is not treated promptly, pain or a tooth abscess results.

Painless root Canal treatment

Many people are afraid that Root canal treatment (RCT) is too painful. That was true in olden days but now with advances in local anaesthetics, most of the people experience little pain. Root canal treatment is indicated in cracked tooth affecting pulp, deep cavity, fractured tooth and in teeth having large complex restorations when symptomatic.

Single visit Root canal treatment!!

Yes now it is possible to finish Root canal treatment with in 30-35 minutes. In earlier days, patient had to attend three to four sittings to get the Root Canal Treatment done. Now with the use of rotary files, dentist can reduce his working period required for Root Canal Treatment.

All the teeth conditions are not indicated for single visit Root Canal treatment. Teeth with minimal infection & decay/trauma just touching the nerve & if no infection seen surrounding the tooth root in the bone are indicated for single visit root canal treatment.

In single visit /multiple visit procedure the actual process includes making a small hole from back side of the tooth in case of front teeth and on the surface of tooth in case of back teeth, through which dentist open up the root canals & clean them from any pulpal remnants /debris, disinfects the canals & fills the canal with Gutta percha, an inert material.

RCT treated tooth becomes brittle in due course of time making it vulnerable to breakage. To reinforce the structure of RCT done tooth to be functional, a crown which is fabricated in our In-house laboratory will be placed on the tooth to protect the tooth from external forces. So with the advances in endodontics & advent of rotary system, things are made much more easier and less painful than before. The Root canal treatment(RCT) which usually took a number of sittings has been limited to single /two sittings with these rotary files.


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