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Surprised !! Yeah its TRUE ...

It is possible to replace your missing teeth in a day. Now the waiting has to come to an end. Once we had to wait for 6-8 months for the new fixed teeth after the dental implantation procedure . But days have come where the set of new teeth which gives you a confident smile can be done on the same day.

How it is possible ? ?

The advent of evolutionary three dimensional computerized tomography made Teeth in a day possible. Using CBCT dentist can be able to plan & prepare your set of new teeth after your first consultation. On the day scheduled appointment implants will be placed accordingly & new set of fixed teeth will be connected which were prepared using CBCT parameters recorded on the first day of consultation.

The 3D CT Scanner and CAD/CAM Technologies equips a dentist to assure the patient that he can return home with a beautiful smile on the same day of dental implant procedure.

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