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Scaling is a process of removing plaque & calculus deposits on the teeth surface. Plaque is nothing but a sticky bacterial infested film. Usually if the plaque is not removed /cleaned then continuous adherence of food and calcium deposits occurs which build up over time like lime scale in a pipe or kettle, known as Calculus/Tartar.

The dentist uses specialized instruments to gently remove these deposits without harming teeth. Ultrasonic scaler is a type of instrument which produces vibrations at a controlled frequency. These vibrations are transmitted to the tip of the instrument which when comes in contact with tooth surface dislodges the deposits present on the tooth. With use of ultrasonic scaler the actual process of teeth cleaning will be done faster. After scaling, mechanical polishing i.e with rubber cup & prophylaxis paste is used to polish teeth.

Air Polishing

Scaling followed Air polishing represents the most significant addition to oral prophylaxis armamentarium. Air polishing is accomplished by the propulsion of abrasive particles through a mixture of compressed air and water through a hand piece nozzle. Kinetic energy propels the air polishing paste particles against the tooth surface, removing stains and dental plaque.

Advantages /Benefits:

  • Total removal of dental plaque there by preventing decay ,Gingivitis
  • More effective & efficient
  • No heat generation during procedure
  • No contact with teeth or pressure against the teeth
  • Safe to use on dental implants

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