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Anterior Dental Trauma
(Broken tooth or Loosened tooth or Lost Tooth)

Front teeth trauma is a common injury occurring in children and young adults where in appropriate and early treatment is important, to avoid social embarrassment.

When they suffer front teeth trauma, the challenge is to preserve the tooth in this esthetically important area and minimize further damage and /or Restoring the lost tooth.

Dental trauma may occur due to hits, fights and road accidents. The loss of front teeth in young adults affects both their psychological and social development.

The lost tooth can be restored with dental implant which provides fixed prosthetic solution immediately.

A Dental implant is an artificial titanium fixture which is placed into the jaw bone of the lost tooth area and the implant is allowed to heal for three to four months, so that it attaches to bone and becomes hard simulating tooth root. Though,waiting period of minimum 3-4 months is usually for final prosthesis/teeth, temporary tooth/full denture can be delivered immediately after the implant placement. This temporary tooth given will enable to establish good gum profile for final prosthesis and better patient acceptance too.

The procedure is usually done by professionally trained by implantologist after proper planning of dental implant placement keeping in view final result, to minimize the failures.


Dental Implants are very effective in providing structural, functional and esthetically good results. They also provide improved

  • Appearance
  • speech
  • improved self-esteem
  • convenience and durability

Restoration with Implant don’t damage the neighbouring healthy tooth as it is placed into the bone of the missing tooth and preserves the tooth holding bone(alveolar bone) maintaining the patient vertical profile which is the most important advantage …

Case report 1:

A youngmale patient, aged 24 years, visited our clinic with complaint of broken front tooth due to bike accident.After clinical and radiographic examination, he was advised immediate dental implant placement. AtraumaticExtraction of broken tooth and immediate dental Implant placement along with temporary crown was done on the same day. Radiographs:

Case report 2:

A young female patient, aged 22 years, visited our clinic with complaint of missing front tooth due to fall. After clinical and radiographic examination, she was advised immediate dental implant procedure. After patient consent immediate implant along with temporary crown was done on the same day. Radiographs:

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